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Who are we?

Helper – JURIDICAL ASSISTANCE CENTER company with limited liability, situated in Warsaw.


We specialize in legal assistance to victims in accidents at work, road traffic accidents, accidents in agriculture, those who have lost close person in an accident, injured, those who got damage to property.


You will receive appropriate compensation for an accident at work! 


We cooperate with the Warsaw lawyers who have years of professional experience and success in in current affairs.


For our services you pay only when we get appropriate compensation.










High quality customer service 


Modern information and communication systems which simplify customer access to the current state of affairs.





Read 5 reasons why you should choose Helper Juridical Assistance Center! 

  1. Understatement or nonpayment of compensation insurer.
  2. Authority, knowledge and experience Helper CPP, as firm which require compensations from insurance companies.
  3. High performance; more compensation already received before the judicial road and a positive development for the affairs of our clients during the proceedings. 
  4. The amount of compensation paid from the an accident (after deducting of the commission by our company) will be higher than that obtained in the road. 
  5. Saving time and own health during the liquidation of damages.