Natural disasters

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are phenomena  was not caused by human actions, was caused by the  nature. All losses as a consequence of natural disasters relate to society, not only locally, but also the individual household. The owner of the insured against natural disasters at home has the right to demand compensation from the insurance companies.


The amount of compensation depends on the amount of damage that was caused by the consequence of a natural disaster. The amount of compensation includes not only the losses that the victim has suffered, but must also include the benefits that the victim could get, if will be  not a natural disaster. The amount of loss is determined on the basis of accounts conducted after repair or just estimate object performs reconstruction.


The costs are associated with repairing the damage provoked by natural disasters and were fully documented accounts, invoices, etc. Damage assessment should include all actual losses and costs just aimed at a return to the original appearance of the house before the disaster occurred.

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