Accidents at work

Accidents at work

An accident at work is an unexpected event caused by external causes that lead to injury or death of a person, if it is connected directly to the work, the execution of conventional action, orders of the employer, as well as actions carried out on behalf of the employer, even without his commands and also being available to the employer in the road between his location place and the location of the place where executed work commitments. Also for accidents at work we can include incidents while on duty travel, exercise self-defense in general, or the execution of tasks assigned to the trade union organizations of the employer.

The insured who had get suffered injury, has right to get one-time payment of the compensation  To compensation from the accident are entitled not only in consequence of the implementation liabilities of workers, but also on the basis of an agreement or contract.
Compensation after an accident.

Eligible for compensation family members such as:
- own children, the children of the other spouse, foster children,  the children which took into care until they reach adulthood,
- grandchildren,
- brothers, sisters and other children
- parents, step-parents, if on the day of death the insured had a common household, or if the insured immediately before death contributed to their maintenance, or if it was found by a court to pay alimony.


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