Accidents in agriculture

Accidents in agriculture

Farmers Insurance in the volume includes not only the farmers, who leads agriculture, but also people who work and cooperating in his economy.
If in the farmer’s farm was suffered man, death occurred as a consequence of implementation of the obligations of workers in the economy, mutilation of the body, health impairment or loss, destruction or damage of property, then the injured is entitled to compensation under the Civil Code on insurance of farmers. Insurance covers not only damage inflicted as a result of field work, but so much damage associated with the movement of agricultural mobile equipment, the movement of livestock or slow moving mobile equipment ( motor vehicles with a maximum speed of 25 km / h, for excluding tractors), available at the location of the farmer and used in his farm.

However, the scope of liability insurance companies is limited. It does not include, among other damages, property damage caused by the farmer as a consequence of actions of his workers or those who are in his household or transferred diseases caused by non-animal origin, or just caused by a defect of the goods delivered by the insured person. If the result of these defects was suffered persons, insurance company is not liable only if the insured person was aware of the defects.


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