Are you looking for a job? 
Do you need an extra activity? 
Would you like to help others, and in the case to earn some money? 


Firm Helper – Legal Assistance Center specializes in legal aid for person in accidents at work, road traffic accidents, in agriculture, for those who have lost a close person or a person who have been injured, had suffered property damage, etc. The team of Helper consists of the carefully selected  workers and employees. For us, the professional and personal development of employees there is just as important as the actual assistance to affected persons who are entitled to compensation.
With the expansion we are looking for persons who wants to cooperate, such as: 



Consultant of the client:


Duties of the consultant: 

  • Searching new clients;
  • Signed on behalf of the firm agreements about compensation with affected persons as a result of road accidents, and others;
  • Active participation and operability; 

We expect:

  • Active participation and operability
  • Experience in sales
  • Preferred age 22-65
  • Responsibility, resistance to stressful situations
  • Purposefulness
We offer: 
  •  Salary + bonus
  • Fair and transparent cooperation
  • Operational support telecentre
  • Ability to advancement in the structure of our company


  • You will receive a free promotional materials

  •  You will pass free training on obtaining certificate

  • You will have a flexible work schedule 


Job offer is also directed to:

Current and former employees of law enforcement agencies, health professionals, emergency services, insurance agents, pension funds, for those who work / operates an insurance multi-agency.

For person who wants to work with us please send CV!

Contact Details:

In your application, please enter the following information: "I agree to processing of my personal data included in my job for the needs of the recruitment process (in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data;. Legislature Gazette from 2002 № 101, item. 926, as amended.). "



Read 5 reasons why you should choose Helper Juridical Assistance Center! 

  1. Understatement or nonpayment of compensation insurer.
  2. Authority, knowledge and experience Helper CPP, as firm which require compensations from insurance companies.
  3. High performance; more compensation already received before the judicial road and a positive development for the affairs of our clients during the proceedings. 
  4. The amount of compensation paid from the an accident (after deducting of the commission by our company) will be higher than that obtained in the road. 
  5. Saving time and own health during the liquidation of damages.