A partnership cooperation

We invite you to cooperate with our affiliate company.
We offer 2 different options:



Option I

Recommendation program – based on the proposal of our services in the field of road traffic accidents, accidents at work, accidents in agriculture, understated or unpaid compensation, loss of the close person in a traffic accident for which you can get compensation amounting to: 100zł, 200zł, 300zł, 400zł, 500zł, 600zł, 750zł and even 1,000zł. 



Option II

Private sales structure – based on the creation of a structure from our consultants who search new customers, in this case we have an individual proposal for everyone.


Send us your contact information or please contact us by phone. 





We invite you to cooperate :

1. Shop rehabilitation medical equipment,
2. Road assistance firms.
3. Firms of the bodywork and paint work.
4. Insurance multi-agency.
5. Auto parts stores.
6. Firms  of the machine bodies.
7. Car mechanics.
8. Firms, which provide vulcanizing works.
9. Rehabilitation department.
If you are interested in our offer of cooperation, then please contact us!




Read 5 reasons why you should choose Helper Juridical Assistance Center! 

  1. Understatement or nonpayment of compensation insurer.
  2. Authority, knowledge and experience Helper CPP, as firm which require compensations from insurance companies.
  3. High performance; more compensation already received before the judicial road and a positive development for the affairs of our clients during the proceedings. 
  4. The amount of compensation paid from the an accident (after deducting of the commission by our company) will be higher than that obtained in the road. 
  5. Saving time and own health during the liquidation of damages.